At 12th August 2013 some revisions are made to these tutorials. This is just a quick update of the most necessary things which went wrong ages ago.
Revisions are marked just like this one. Several pages of the index where removed because they were irrelevant.

A very short introduction to TTD Patch.

Some explanation about the dimensions used in TT.
Some explanation about how to implement light effects in sprites.
Some explanation about the sizes train sprites have.
Some explanation about which tool you can use.
Some explanation about the TT palette.
Some explanation about the order which sprites should be placed in.

A tutorial for drawing a simple passenger coach.
A tutorial for drawing an complete EMU.
A tutorial for drawing a more complicated engine.
A tutorial for making a round shaped oil tanker.
A tutorial for drawing a wood carrier which has unloaded and loaded sprites.

A small story about what needs to be done before you can see your graphics in TT.
What to do if you would like to join or start a graphics set.

Links to important websites.
I would like to thank some people.
There's a copyright on the sprites, images and tutorials!

Written by Purno, a graphics artist on TT-forums.