Wood carrier tutorial

Welcome at the Wood carrier tutorial. In this tutorial we're going to make a cargo carrier which has different loading stages.

Draw a platform with a length of 6/8.

Step 1

Then draw the poles that prevent the logs to fall off.

Step 2

Then pick 4 colors of brown, swap the two lightest colors, and build up a log with that 4 pixel width 'bar'.

Step 3

Now draw the \ views too.

Step 4

Now we can draw the | and _ views.

Step 5

Reorder your sprites and place 3 logs next to each other in each direction.

Step 6

Place the logs on copies of the carriers.

Step 7

Next thing to do is to redraw the poles.

Step 8

Copy the loaded carriers and again place 3 logs on them.

Step 9

Now we must redraw the poles (again ).

Step 10

And again we place 3 logs on each sprite.

Step 11

Those carriers would love to be in a transparant environment .

Step 12

Congratulations on finishing your Wood carrier. I hope you learned some thingies in this tutorial.