EMU tutorial

Welcome to the second tutorial. After drawing a relative simple coach it's time for a somewhat more difficult shape. We're going to draw an EMU, which a sloped nose and pantographs. The total amount of sprites will be 20, but some of them will be (nearly) identical.

The start is identical to the to the start of the coach.

Step 1

Now we're going to choose the color and define the shape.

Step 2

Then add the lighting effect. You'll need to recolor some lines.

Step 3

Now draw the windows. The front windows are pretty difficult.

Step 4

The window was totally shaped wrong . We've to redraw them.

Step 5

Now we're going to add the door and the front lights. You should choose the lightest yellow or grey color for the lights.

Step 6

Next thing to do is mirror the sprite and reshadow it. Don't forget to completely reshadow the front window.

Step 7

Now copy the / view and edit it to make the rear end and middle coach.

Step 8

Now change the place of the doors and look closely to the sprite, as you will see an error .

Step 9

The coach is too short. Add 2 pixels in lenght and an extra window. It doesn't really matter how long the front and rear ends are, because these are the ends of train. Usually with my sprites, the noses of the trains look too close to each other, when more EMU's are coupled together.

Step 10

Now probably the most difficult part: Make the rear end in / view.

Step 11

Try connecting your / views like I did, to see if they fit correctly. You should correct them before continuing.

Step 12

Now mirror the rear end and middle coach and reshadow them.

Step 13

And draw the | views.

Step 14

You might wonder why I drew the front window in the rear coach. I hope this image explains how you look at the train.

Now draw the shape of the _ view.

Step 15

Now you can draw the other coaches and give them some detail.

Step 16

Most things are finished now. Next thing to do is shading the roof, the same way we did with the passenger coach.

Step 17

Now reorder your sprites. You probably need to make the file somewhat bigger.

Step 18

The rear end of the train looks slightly different from the front end. For example the headlights are red. Copy your front end and change the color of the lights.

Step 19

Now we need pantographs for that EMU. You can draw panto's yourself or copy my set of panto's.

Step 20

We're going to set the panto's on the right place. The front end will have one panto down, facing to the front window. The rear end will have one panto up, facing to the rear window.

Step 21

Now make a small consist of a rear end (copy this one first), a middle coach and a front end. It looks good, doesn't it?

Step 22

Don't forget to give the sprites their transparent environment .

Step 23

Congratulations! You just made a whole EMU from scratch (or did you cheat?), that's really good. Possibly your first EMU doesn't look as good as my EMU, but the more you practice the better your sprites will become.

The sprite order is wrong in this example, please take a look at the sprite order page revision.