Diesel engine tutorial

We're going to draw a diesel engine like in the image below. This might seem like a relative easy shape, but the TT sprites are very small.

We start the same as we did with the other tutorials.

Step 1

It might be difficult to draw the shape of that diesel engine, but it's isn't easy to explain how to draw it. I hope the image in Step 2 is clear enough.

Step 2

Now draw the roofs.

Step 3

Don't forget to draw the 'floor' of the engine.

Step 4

Now detail the engine.

Step 5

Now draw the other / and \ sprites. Don't forget the lighting.

Step 6

The back nose doesn't look very good, I think we better adjust it .

Step 7

Next thing to do is drawing the | views.

Step 8

Now we can draw the _ views.

Step 9

Reorder your sprite and add the transparent color.

Step 10

Congratulations! We just finished the diesel engine. I hope this tutorial was clear enough, because it's somewhat shorter than the other tutorials.

The sprite order is wrong in this example, please take a look at the sprite order page revision.