Dutch Sets for TTDPatch and OpenTTD

Dutch Tramset

The Dutch Tram Set is a New Graphics Set, which adds a great number of both historical and current Dutch trams to TTDPatch or OpenTTD. The set is aimed to give a historical overview of Dutch trams, while ensuring quality gameplay through customized statistics.

The Dutch Tram Set was born on July 18th of 2007. Actually, to be more precise, public development of the set started on that very day. After months of hard work, the first public beta release of the set was made available on October 24th of that same year. The first beta contained a fair share of vehicles. The set was received well by the public. The main complaint was for it being not compabitble with the Long Vehicles set. This issue was resolved in Beta 2.1, a few more trams were added and the set was made compliant to the Road Vehicle ID Guidelines in order to make it even more compatible with other sets.