Dutch Sets for TTDPatch and OpenTTD

About Us

Work on the Dutch Trainset is being done by members of the Transport Tycoon forums. This forum is the place where the ideas originated and will also be the place where discussion will take place. For information about the complete progress, we recommend you to visit our Dutch Trainset topic in the TTDPatch Graphics section of the Transport Tycoon forums.

The team members are:

Dutch Trainset Team
Name Job
Bastiaan Graphics, data supply
broodje Data supply
Hyronymus project co-ordinator, data supply, Webmaster
Purno Graphics, data supply, Main Coder
Snail Graphics (Steamers)
Wile E. Coyote Graphics (Wagons)
Lobster Tester
XeryusTC Tester (Multiplayer)
BlueEagle_nl Bugfixing Coder, Data Supply, Webdeveloper

Also, our thanks go out to everyone who helped creating this set, but is not included in above listing.