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Latest Updates:

14/05/2009: New version of the tracking table is completed, with quite a few new additions, and some subtractions from the original list. Please note, the numbers for the sections don't correspond exactly to the number of IDs being used in the set, in wagons and coaches this is especially true. The ID layout is currently being worked on and will be published soon.

10/05/2009: Almost 3 years since the last update, the website will begin to see a complete revamp and overhaul. Stay tuned for more information!

15/05/2006: Added latest versions of the Download

11/02/2006: Added both DOS and Win downloads seperately.

03/02/2006: Alpha Released! Get it here! Updated the tracking table by adding all Snails steam sprites.

01/02/2006: Updated the tracking table to show which engines/emus etc were narrow gauge. Uploaded updated graphics for BLS Ae 6/8. Added DanMacK's Ce 6/8 'Krokodil' sprites. Added my HGe 4/4 I sprites. Uploaded more Screenies to the screenshots page.

03/01/2006: Happy new year everyone! Hopefully the taster will be released soon!

06/11/2005: Made RhB ABe 4/4 sprites.

03/11/2005: Added 13 new trains, visit the tracking table to view them!

17/06/2005: Website has now got a proper background!

The list of trains that have sprites are: (in tabular order)
Re 460, Re 420, Re 482, Re 465, RABe 500, Re 450, Local Passenger Car, Old IC Passenger Car, New IC Passenger Car, EC Passenger Car, IC Double Decker Passenger Car & S-Bahn Double Decker Passenger Car.

James Vassie (Website Designer & Set Manager)