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Projects - Glass Station
Station Test - Glass Stations
Screenshots of Progress

1st Screenshot
First time I could create a station without it crashing. Unfornatitly I couldn't get it to use the right sprites.

2nd Screenshot
Finally got it to use the right station graphics. As you can see, it's alignment was way out. Although it has no glass graphics.

3rd Screenshot
I finally aligned the first and the last tile defination sprites. Although now I had a clipping problem as you can see.

4th Screenshot
I fixed the clipping problem by removing the face which was clipping. I also wrote the layouts for stations longer than 2. As you can see I had not aligned half of the tile defination sprites.

5th Screenshot
Finally Algined all the tile defination sprites. Still no glass though.

6th Screenshot
Finally added the Glass, after completely restructuring the sprite sheet. Added the glass graphics changing all the tile sprite definations so that they would appear, Also by making each side sprite have a glass peice, I could avoid wierd clipping issues. I also aligned all of the other direction station sprites. Still some clipping issues though. With Trees that are around the station.

9th Screenshot
Finally Solved the Clipping issues by changing the tile defination offsets and sizes. Realgined all the affected sprites afterwards. Also I replaced the faces which I had removed earlier, Since I found they were not the cause of the clipping problems.

8th Screenshot
Got some new sprites from Born_Acorn with the shading fixed. Unfornatly he forgot a few sprites (Right Station). I then went and fixed all the shadings, although my skills are limitted (Left Station).

9th Screenshot
Since some people were complaining the the station platforms were too high, I decided with my low graphics skills to reduce the hight of the platforms. This is what I believe will be the final version of the station.

Hosted By Owen Rudge