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The UK Tram Set

Tracking Table | History of UK Trams

Welcome to the UK Tram Set page. Included in this set will be a number of trams from across the UK tram systems including:

  • Blackpool trams (from 1920s onwards)
  • Manchester Metrolink (from early 1990's onwards)
  • Sheffield Supertram (from mid 1990's onwards)
  • Birmingham Midland Metro (from late 1990's onwards)
  • Croydon Tramlink (from early 1990's onwards)
  • Nottingham Express Transit (NET) (from early 2000's)
  • Edinburgh Trams (from late 00's onwards)
  • East London Tramlink (from early 2010's)
  • Cross London Tram (from 2020's)
  • Major British cities used to all have tram systems but following the second world war the tram systems and trolley buses with them began to be replace with much more reliable and versatile buses. Blackpool was the only city that retained its trams. However in the 1990's the benefits of trams was again realised and the first "new" tram system built in Manchester. This system was followed by the Sheffield Supertram, Midland Metro, Croydon Tramlink and Nottingham NET with other cities planning systems with Edinburgh beginning construction of its system later this year (2007). For the Olympics in 2012 in London there it is proposed that a tram system will be built to the olympic site and there are plans to reintroduce trams to the centre of London again in the form of the Cross London Tram.


    UKTS release 1 can be downloaded here

    Known bugs in Release 1

    Please note that this is NOT a final release and is infact nowhere near a final release. There are a number of known bugs including some alignment issues with some of the early trams, most noticably with the "Standard Class". There is also a problem with the bogies of the Centenary tram flashing, I thought I'd fixed that at the weekend but it would seem not. Also the Brush Class is available in 1923 instead of 1932 (that's what happens when you have a dyslexic trying to code :P).

    Passenger capacities on the articulated trams need to be tinkered with because at the moment they are the real life capacities which are much too high for TT.

    Below is a list of trams included in this version including a list of known bugs.

  • Standard Class - Sprites are backwards (ie, sprites for backwars are shown when running forwards) sprites also not aligned 100% correctly.No Company Colours.
  • Brush Class - Available in 1923 instead of 1932. No other known problems.
  • Balloon Class - non-CC door in CC refit.
  • Jubilee Class - No known problems
  • Centenary Class - Flashing bogies. No other known problems
  • Ansaldo T68/T68a - No known problems
  • Siemens/Duewag Supertram - Non-CC roof in | view of CC refit.

    If you spot any other bugs aside from those mentions above, please post them in the thread and let me know. Otherwise enjoy the set and I'll see what I can do about getting the rest of it playable.

    Note: This set is currently incompatible with George's LV4, Generic Road Vehicles set but is compatible with HOVS v1 and the TTD default vehicles (except toyland). Apologies for that.


  • Peter1138: Coder
  • DaveWorley: Initial Idea
  • Ben_K: Assistant Artist