Ben_K's Tunnels
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New tunnels for Transport Tycoon that supports Enhanced_Tunnels functionality.

Latest Release v0.3b

Please download this to replace all previous versions.


The readme can be found here or in the .zip file upon download. Parameters are listed in the Readme but also below.


There are 3 parameters to customise this set, one parameter for each climate; i.e. temperate, arctic and sub-tropical and in that order.
Each parameter can have one of the following values:
0 - use default (see below)
1 - use red brick tunnels
2 - use wood tunnels
3 - use white concrete tunnels
4 - use beige concrete tunnels

If a parameter is not specified, then the following default values will apply:
Parameter 1 - temperate climate - [1] red brick
Parameter 2 - arctic climate - [2] wood
Parameter 3 - sub-tropical climate - [3] white concrete.


The tunnels in OTTD. Look great with or without Electrified lines.

Bug reporting:

Please report any bugs in the Development thread.

Contact Details

You can contact me (Ben_K) with the following info from here


The download can be found here. It is a .zip file containing both Dos and windows versions as well as readme.