UK Narrow Gauge set

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The UK Narrow Gauge set for Transport Tycoon Deluxe will feature trains and rolling stock from around the British Isles, as well as additional industries.

The tracking table below lists trains and rolling stock that will be included in the set. Read the tt-forums thread if you would like to suggest any additions.

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Tracking table key:

Drawn or Work in Progress

WHR | Russell


Russell was built in 1906 for the Portmadoc, Beddgelert & South Snowdon Railway before their line was completed, and was transferred to its successor, the Welsh Highland Railway, in 1922. After unsuccessful adaptations to allow through working on the Ffestiniog Railway, Russell was sold to Brymbo Steel Works when the WHR closed. It was bought by the Talyllyn Railway Society after World War II, and has been in preservation ever since.

VofR | 2-6-2 tank


The Vale of Rheidol Railway opened in 1902 to carry lead ore, as well as transport tourists to picturesque Devil's Bridge. The line was taken over by the Cambrian Railway, which was absorbed in turn by the GWR and then passed to British Railways in 1948. The unique Rheidol tank engines are extremely wide for 2' narrow gauge and suited to passenger services.

FR | Double Fairlie


Possibly the world's most famous narrow gauge steam locomotive, the type was first commissioned by the Ffestiniog Railway in the 1870s. Its powerful, articulated design is ideal for the FR's short yet steep and winding route, with the only real drawback being a limited fuel capacity. Modernised versions of the Double Fairlie have been constructed in the preservation era and this will be reflected in the set, in addition to an early, open cab engine.

FR | Single Fairlie


Looks like a conventional tank engine, but the driving wheels are still articulated. Obviously less powerful than a double engine, but in the set it will have a speed advantage. The Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways used the type extensively.

WHR | ex-SAR NG15

Born Acorn

Powerful tender locomotive from South Africa. Currently awaiting restoration on the WHR.

FR | 40hp Protected Simplex


Petrol-engined rail tractor built for the War Department in 1917. The Ffestiniog's example is named Mary Ann. With a 40hp engine it will only pull the lightest trains in TTD but costs will be very low.

MER | Tram car


Victorian-era trams still running on the Isle of Man. Will over-ride passenger carriages to tram trailers.

WHR | Winson saloons

Born Acorn

Modern tourist coaches for the revived WHR.

WHR | NWNGR coach

Born Acorn

Compartment bogie coach from c.1890. Brake/third variant will appear if last in the consist.

FR | 4-wheel coach


Original Ffestiniog coaching stock, now used for 'heritage' trains. Nicknamed 'bugboxes'.

Welsh | Slate wagon


The ubiquitous slate wagon, endemic to North Wales and essential for a UK narrow gauge set. Very small, with a low capacity, so run them in long trains to the new slate mine and mill industries.

WHR | ex-SAR 'B' Wagon

Born Acorn

Useful mineral carrier - currently refittable to coal and iron ore.

WHR | 4-wheel van

Born Acorn

General purpose goods or mail van. Can also hold valuables.

N/A | 4-wheel tanker

Born Acorn

Oil tanker - no prototype

N/A | 4-wheel flat wagon

Born Acorn

Carries goods - no prototype

Coming Soon

FR/WHR | K1 Garratt

The first Beyer Garratt locomotive ever built, and exported to New Zealand. Returned to the UK and the FR in the 1960s and now restored for the WHR.

WHR | ex-SAR NGG16

The last type of Beyer Garratt locomotive ever built, and exported to South Africa. Two examples of this class are now running on the WHR, with a third under restoration.

TR | 'Talyllyn'

The Talyllyn was the second narrow gauge steam railway in Wales, and the first to be preserved. #1, also called Talyllyn, is one of the most famous narrow gauge engines.

TR | 'Douglas'

An 0-4-0WT (Well Tank) built in 1918 and now preserved on the Talyllyn railway.

Welsh | Quarry Hunslet

A simple, robust design used in slate quarries across North Wales. Several exist in preservation.

WHR | ex-WD Baldwin

Hundreds of these locos were built in 1917 for service on the front lines in World War I. After the war they found their way to several UK lines as cheap, if rough riding, replacements for worn out Victorian engines. The WHR had one, #590, although it was scrapped when the line closed in the 1930s.

FR | 'Vale of Ffestiniog'

A large Funkey diesel imported from South Africa and rebuilt with a new double cab body to fit the Ffestiniog's loading gauge.

WHR | 'Castell Caernarvon'

Functionally identical to the Ffestiniog's rebuilt Funkey, but retaining its original body.

FR | 'Conway Castle'

New body built by the Ffestiniog Railway. Powered by a 180hp Gardner diesel engine.

WHR | 'Bodysgallen'

The Welsh Highland's Pullman carriage!

FR | No 18

Victorian opulence, Ffestiniog style. An early bogie coach from 1876 with first, second and third class compartments.

WHR | Ballast wagon

Used for permanent way maintenance on the WHR, but could be another general mineral carrier.


Narrow gauge tracks


Regauged TTD tracks for use with this set, or any other set with narrow gauge vehicles. Can replace any of the three track types in the game, in temperate, arctic and tropic climates.