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Welcome on the LocoTrains website; you can find on this websites mostly new trains for Chris Sawyers Locomotion. To watch them you can click on the downloads button on the right; click on the name to see the contents of the pack. Click on one of the mirrors to download them. Early versions are packed in .zip files; these are no longer supported; the Installer files (.exe) are supported. If you have a question please use the following order:


Check the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Look at the Howto`s and Guides.
♦ Try one of the folowing topics:

TT-Forums NMBS-SNCB Topic for questions about the NMBS-SNCB Pack
TT-Forums Illegal_Alien`s Sandbox Topic for questions about the standalone trains. (except the Eurostar)
TT-Forums HighSpeedPack Topic for questions about the HighSpeedPack (And the standalone Eurostar)
TT-Forums Norwegian Trainset Topic for questions about the Norwegian Pack
TT-Forums RET Pack Topic for questions about the Rotterdam Metro`s for Locomotion

♦ Go to IRC: #locomotion, #tycoon or #locotrains (quakenet) and look for Illegal_Alien
♦ Mail me: locotrains@gmail.com or send a PM at the TT-Forums.





   Download directly:
   HighSpeed Pack
   Illegal_Alien`s Sandbox Pack

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