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1:36 AM, September 6th, 2004

They started out with Jump, which is, of course, the best song ever. Then played some stuff I haven't heard
and some stuff of Sammy Hagar's, and eventually got to a drum solo by Alex Van Halen.
Fucker must've played for like, 10 minutes. It was awesome. And then they played some more stuff,
and then Ain't Talking Bout Love. Man. And then, the best part of the show, Eddie
took about a 15 minute guitar solo. Oh, and they had a bass solo. And DUDE! the bassist had a bass
shaped like a bottle of Jack, and it had a little compartment with a small bottle of whiskey
It was awesome. The bass solo involved playing bass with both the amps
and the microphone stand. And, of course, that song where Eddie plays
guitar with an electric drill. w00t. Then, for the encore, they played You Really Got Me
which is a crazy song. But, I'm disappointed they never played Running with the Devil.

July 9th, 2004,

The first "official" release of my site, I guess, Since it seemingly isn't still being made.
Anyway, there are a couple Thoughts of the Day, and while you're at it, why don't
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