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Welcome to the Transport Tycoon Interchange, my website dedicated to the wonderful game that is Transport Tycoon.  Not only that, but you can also enjoy my guides for and savegames and scenarios about TTDPatch and OpenTTD!  It's the whole Transport Tycoon world, all in one site!

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If you have any questions about my website, send me an E-Mail, or post in the Guestbook.  If you have any questions about Transport Tycoon, you could post in the Guestbook, I'm sure someone would be happy to help you, but I'm not the all-knowing God of TTD, so it might be better to sign up for free at The Transport Tycoon Forums, and have a look in the 'Problems with TTDPatch' section. (or one of the others, it's up to you!)

The picture on the left is the logo from the original Transport Tycoon for DOS, which didn't have any of the extra climates, and had less Trains and other Vehicles.  My craze for TTD started when my cousin gave me a Shareware collection CD many years ago, that featured the likes of DOOM and the original Settlers.  However, it also had a Demo section, where I found a 2-year long demo of the original TTD.  It had me hooked straight away, and although I was only about seven at the time, I found myself building many train lines all across the map (the other forms of Transport were not included).  A few years later, I acquired the Windows version of Transport Tycoon Deluxe, and I've been playing it on and off since.

In around April last year, I found the old game in my cupboard and decided to have another go at it, having not played it since I got Windows XP and I was dismayed to find that it wouldn't work!  I searched the Internet and found out that for some time, Josef Drexler and some other people had got together and written a program that was originally intended to fix the small problems in the game, such as the incompatibility with Windows NT (Windows 2000 and Windows XP) but had expanded to include new features, new gameplay options and most of all, new graphics for anything from Trains to Houses.  For more on that, look at the 'About TTDPatch' and 'About New Graphics' pages.

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