I started playing Transport Tycoon Deluxe back in 1995 when it came out. About a year and a half ago I rediscovered TTD and the excellent TTD Patch originated by Josef Drexler and now has contributors from all over the world. I started drawing graphics for TTD just over a year ago for the US Train Set. It was then that I decided to start drawing some Canadian equipment as well. It was decided to keep mostly US prototypes in the US set, so I started the Canadian Set project. I've also developed the Arctic Renewal Train Set and have contributed to several other train sets including the Finnish Train Set and the Australian Train Set. Links to my various Transport Tycoon pages are below.

The most active online resource for TTD can be found The Transport Tycoon Forums.

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Australian Train Set Tracking Table Only - Last Updated August 31, 2005

New Zealand Train Set Tracking Table Only - Last Updated Sept. 8, 2005

Arctic Renewal Train Set

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