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Status: Coding fully in progress, pre-releases available at the forums (last update: August 30th, 2008)
Discussion: www.tt-forums.net

About the set:

The 2cc Set will include trains from all around the world, drawn in dual company colors, so you, as a player, can select the colors of your trains. Unique things about this set are that electrified railways will be a lot more expensive (default is 10x), to encourage usage of the steam and diesel trains. Especially since electrified railways will be available before 1930. The third railsystem is used for another unique thing; Metro. Metro has the advantage it (un)load and accelerates fast and has higher capacity than trains. However, metro will be slow, and can only carry passengers. This way metro will be useful especially for feeder services within big cities.

Another thing about this set is the (by default) high runningcosts, but this is just when they are in motion. When standing still are the runningcosts are very low.
Note that on MU's is the running cost showed PER unit. This means the price in the purchasewindow is applied to each unit in the train. If the price is shown as 5000$, 5 units (including both heads) is 25 000$.

Project Coordinator:
The Netherlands Purno

Graphics Artists:
The Netherlands Purno
Italy Snail (steamers)
Serbia Wile E. Coyote (wagons)
Canada DanMacK (steamers)

Norway DJ Nekkid - Main Coder
Germany planetmaker
Switzerland Ammler
Israel Death (ex-coder)
Serbia Wile E. Coyote (ex-coder)
The Netherlands XeryusTC (metro GRF coder)

Stats Researcher:
United Kingdom Ameecher
Norway DJ Nekkid
The Netherlands trainboy2004

The Netherlands Hirundo
Germany planetmaker
Portugal micomico

United Kingdom orudge
Norway ThorRune (ex-host)